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Keanu Reeves & Arch Motorcycles

This video explores Keanu Reeve’s passion for custom-made motorcycles that matches his passion for acting. After having a custom-made motorcycle built in 2011, Reeves partnered with custom bike builder Gard Hollinger to create Arch Motorcycle Company. Every one of the motorcycle’s 200 parts are custom built, with an ultimate price tag of $78,000 for the finished product. Video Run Time: 6:44

Selling Marijuana in Colorado

This video looks at the booming business of legalized recreational and medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. Although Colorado is facing legal challenges from other states, business is booming. Marijuana is being sold in retail establishment of all types, from corner stores to high-end boutiques. One of the companies featured is Mindful, a business with four retail stores and warehouses to grow marijuana. The legalization of marijuana appears to be having a positive ripple effect on the economy. However, because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, all business is done in cash. The state also has many controls to track marijuana sales and limit the amounts in edibles. Video Run Time: 13:52


This video interviews Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit. CrossFit is marketed as a new way of working out that combines calisthenics, gymnastics, and weight lifting. For some CrossFit has gained an almost cult-like status, although Glassman stresses that they do no recruiting. The business operates based on a franchise model, and today there are CrossFit gyms across the world. To protect his intellectual property, Glassman has hired 80 outside law firms to ensure that the CrossFit brand is protected. Video Run Time: 13:19

Whiskey Island

This video profiles the Scottish island of Islay, also known as Whiskey Island. Home to eight distilleries, Islay has been in the whiskey production business since the fifteenth century. Its specialty is single-malt whiskey that sells anywhere from $70 a bottle to hundreds of dollars for a glass. The process of making the whiskey is highly involved. Although the whiskey itself takes three weeks to develop, it must be aged for 10 years, rotated periodically, placed in new barrels, and checked to ensure consistency of taste. For the island of Islay and single-malt whiskey enthusiasts, the product is not just a product but is an important part of their lifestyle. Video Run Time: 13:24


In this video, famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld describes what it takes to be a good comedian. He claims that he relates to other comedians better—even those he just met for the first time—than people he has known his whole life. Seinfeld goes on to describe important characteristics of comedians and how laughter is what drives them in their jobs. Video Run Time: 3:34


This video discusses the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in America. Over 90 percent of soybeans contain GMOs, as well as over 80 percent of corn grown in the United States. Most Americans are unaware of the presence of GMOs in food, but it is slowly becoming common knowledge. As more people become aware of GMOs, skepticism increases. However, some think that the skepticism is a result of the involvement of large companies, such as Monsanto. Tests approved by the FDA and the food industry have shown that consumption of GMOs is safe, but concerns remain. Video Run Time: 1:43

Pie Town

This video features a unique look into Pie Town, New Mexico. Pie Town is best known for their cafés that serve delicious pies. However, Pie Town cafés sell more than food—they provide an experience reminiscent of a time when drivers would take their families on road trips. It is not unusual for bikers and other travelers to go out of their way to visit Pie Town and sample their pies. Video Run Time: 4:48


This video describes the changes the music industry has experienced as a result of changes in technology. Streaming music has made music more accessible to people all over the world, while at the same time changing the nature of the industry. Piracy is on the decline, but the streaming platform has significantly reduced the profits that record labels and artists receive in royalties. The example of how the Grateful Dead encouraged listeners to record their music is used as a way to respond to these technological changes. Run Time 7:34.

Michael Jackson

This video discusses Michael Jackson’s estate worth and how his legacy is being used today. Michael Jackson’s death resulted in a rejuvenation of his brand such that sponsors including Pepsi and Cirque du Soleil partnered with the curators of the estate to bring his music to fans live around the world. In the four years since his death in 2009, Michael Jackson’s brand has generated over $600 million, more than any living performance artist has made in that time span. Run Time 13:57.


This video focuses on Amazon’s distribution tactics and how it relates to the company’s values of customer centricity and invention. Some detail is given of the inventory process and what happens when an order is placed on the website. Discussion of the various industries Amazon is involved in (grocery, fashion, Web services, original programming, etc.) illuminates the company’s wide reach and competitive advantage. Run Time 14:08.


This video offers a look into Lamborghini on its 50th anniversary. Pricing, mileage, specifications, assembly, and customization are discussed as unique characteristics of a niche product in a very narrow segment of the market. Perception management is touched on as an important challenge to overcome with such an exclusive product. Run Time 11:59.

Crowd Funding

This video discusses some of the risks involved in the newly implemented provision of the JOBS Act that allows average people to invest in startups. The difference between venture capitalists and unaccredited investors is described, as are some of the advantages and disadvantages to both investors and entrepreneurs. Run Time 1:23.

Martin Guitars

This video gives a brief history of Martin Guitar Company, which has been in existence for over 180 years. It refers to the beginning of the American style guitar and gives a list of famous signers and songwriters that have used and been inspired by Martin Guitars. Run Time 6:25


This video goes into the history of yoga and discusses the benefits of its practice. It highlights the sociocultural changes that yoga has undergone over the years, and gives some statistics on its effects on the human body. Yoga is a $6 billion business in America with over 20 million people claiming to practice it. Run Time 7:48.


This video discusses the changes that are occurring in the pizza industry and gives examples of a few companies that are responding to this change. Chipotle, Pizza Locale, and Pizza Hut are mentioned. Run Time 2:36

Shopping Malls

This video talks about the decline of the shopping mall as a retail outlet. Suggestions are provided as to how the shopping mall can be reinvented to provide a unique experience for customers. Run Time 2:46.

Tootsie Pop

This video discusses the mystery behind the tootsie pop. It goes over how the tootsie roll was invented and describes how Tootsie Roll Industries continues to operate behind closed doors. Run Time 4:30


This video discusses the company Emeco, a manufacturing firm in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Emeco is best known for its Navy chair, a chair produced for the military during the 1940s that was lightweight, noncorrosive, and fireproof. Emeco chairs go through a 77-step process during manufacturing, including immersion in a one thousand degree salt bath. The video mentions that when the war ended, Emeco almost went out of business because the Navy was its only customer at the time. However, by re-designing the chairs slightly and maintaining its high quality, Emeco has been able to thrive. Many of its chairs can be found in businesses across the world, including restaurants, ball parks, airports, and even in movies. Run Time 4:30.

Good Housekeeping

This video discusses the profound effect of the Good housekeeping seal of approval on products that bear the seal. The seal derives its credibility from the fact that products and foods that appear in the pages of the magazine are tested by the Good Houskeeping lab to ensure quality and durability. Run Time 4:34.


This video describes the fast-growing Japanese clothing store. It shows how Uniqlo has taken basic retail to an innovative experience for customers. Run Time 4:38.

Wal-Mart Artist

This video takes you through Wal-mart with artist Brendan O’Connell, where he gets his inspiration for his contemporary artwork. It reveals people’s dichotomous reactions to his art and Wal-mart as an American experience. Run Time 5:10.

Brooklyn Brine Co.

This video depicts a small pickle company called Brooklyn Brine Co. and tells of their success and rapid growth over a short period of time. Run Time 3:51.


Entrepreneurs, Amy Feldman and Allison Costa, founders of CoverPlay, present their business to a panel of investors on the TV show Shark Tank. They are asking for $350,000 for a 15 percent stake in their company. CoverPlay is an insert that goes into baby play pens so that when they get dirty, the parent can take the cover off and wash it. Run Time 9:48.

Pet Organizer

Lisa Lloyd, founder of Treasure Chest Pets, presents her business to a panel of investors on the TV show Shark Tank. She is asking for $150,000 for a 20 percent stake in her company. Treasure Chest Pets are organizers for children that look like stuffed animals. Run Time 8:06.

Pink Shutter Photo Booths

Tom Kanemoto and Lance Yabut, founders of Pink Shutter Photo Booths, present their business to a panel of investors on the TV show Shark Tank. They are asking for $300,000 for a 10 percent stake in the company. Pink Shutter Photo Booths are a larger and more fun version of the traditional photo booths that come with props, take color photos, and can be used for parties. Run Time 11:00.


Shane Pannell presents his business, SweepEasy, to a panel of investors on the TV show Shark Tank. He is looking for a $40,000 investment in exchange for a 25 percent stake in his business. SweepEasy is a variation on the traditional broom as it has an attachment on it that can be used to scrape dried food and beverages from the floor. Run Time 11:17.

LipStix ReMix

This entrepreneur took a simple idea and was able to market it and secure $105,000 in funding from three of the “sharks” from the show Shark Tank. The entrepreneur identified a problem—lipstick will not come out of the tube if there is no more than 1/3 left—and created a simple lipstick mold and process to reuse these lipsticks and create new ones. Although the entrepreneur initially only wanted to give the sharks a 30% stake in the company, she agreed to a 50% stake to secure the retail, television, and feminine expertise of three of the sharks. Run time 9:58 minutes.

Public Relationships Campaign to Save the SS United States

This video gives a history of the SS United States, a famous American ship that is an important part of American history. It brings awareness to the fact that the ship is in danger of being sold for scraps. An organization dedicated to the ship’s preservation is using public relations to encourage people to donate for the purpose of restoration. Run time 8:57.

Variety Magazine, the Evolution of the Product Life Cycle

This video describes the birth and evolution of Variety Magazine. It discusses the influence that the magazine has had over the years and addresses the magazine’s digital competition. Run time 4:34.

The History of the Murphy Bed

This video discusses the reasons for the creation of the Murphy Bed and the effect it had on the culture at the time. It also shows the modern development of the bed and the nostalgia it still inspires. Run time 4:58.

Vidal Sassoon

This video discusses Vidal Sassoon’s path to success and how he made his name a well-known, well-respected brand. Run time 7:02.

University of Oregon Football Uniforms

This video talks about the innovated of football uniforms from pure functionality to functionality combined with design. It discusses how the fashion emphasis on the uniforms is created awareness and driving sales. Run time 6:39.

Cajun Ketchup

This video describes how Tabasco is a part of people’s lifestyle, mainly in New Orleans, Louisiana. The second part of the video gives a brief history of the company and shows how Tabasco is made. Run time 5:02.

The History of the Corvette

This video briefly describes the history of the corvette and shows the new model. It also goes into detail about the kind of image the corvette has. Run time 7:20.

Theo Chocolate

This video describes how Theo Chocolate supports the farmers and local economy of cocoa beans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Run time 4:14.

Rebranding Lincoln

This video discusses how Ford is trying to rebrand Lincoln so that it can effectively compete in the luxury car category. Run time 2:00.

American Brands in China

This video discusses the fact that many Chinese parents are buying American brands for their babies because of the many contamination problems that Chinese brands have faced in the past. Run time 2:25.

Coca Cola Packaging Strategy

This video explores how the contour bottle came to be, and why it was a successful marketing strategy. Run time 4:45.

Test Marketing

This video talks about the diversity of Columbus, Ohio, which is why many companies such as Wendy’s, Piada, and Giant Eagle Supermarket use it as a test market. Run time 4:34.


This video offers a brief history of the company and emphasizes the importance of the culture of food, which is how Goya has been able to set themselves apart from competitors and achieve large scale growth. Run time 4:02.p>


This video describes how the company began during World War II with the purpose of creating china to “brighten up people’s tables and give them something to be happy about.” They remain committed to this purpose, which has contributed to their success. Run time 4:03.


This video tells the story of the company beginning with its founders who had a knack for marketing and artistry, which contributed to the company’s image of an American luxury icon. The strength of the 175-year-old company lies in their product innovation. Run time 7:09.


This video emphasizes Apple’s supply chain operations, namely the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. It mentions the working conditions and illuminates the difference between having written codes of conduct and enforcing the codes of conduct for suppliers. Run time 10:06.

General Motors

This video discusses how General Motors struggled to stay alive during the financial crisis. Run time 44:52.

Is WalMart Good for America?

This video talks about the actions and operational decisions WalMart has made in order to offer low prices. It also explores the reversal of power from the manufacturer to retailer and how that has affected the consumer. Run time 60:00.


This video explores how the brand became a cultural icon. Professors can choose from 14 clips about the company or watch the entire episode. Some clips include interviews with athletes. Run time 45:01.

Oprah Branding and Product Development

This video discusses Oprah’s cultural influence and how she was able turn little known brand names into well-known brand names. Run time 42:18.

The Persuaders

This video examines how marketing and advertising not only affect consumer purchases, but also how consumers perceive themselves and their environments. Run time 90:00.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

This video talks about the history of the electric car as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Run time 92:00.

Global Financial Crisis

This video shows the events leading up to the financial crisis and includes interviews with mortgage brokers, bankers, and home buyers. Professors can choose from five clips. Run time 90:00.